Do you want to feel the rapid heartbeat and test the strength of your nerves? Then this section is exactly what you need. Its pages contain the best examples of chilling movies related to the genre of horror, the memories of watching which will float in your mind for a long time, forcing you to listen to every extraneous sound and causing an enduring desire to check the reliability of the locks on the front door.

It is these sensations, and probably much stronger ones, that you will get after watching them. On the pages of this section, you can watch online the most creepy stories from classic horror films to the latest new scary movies.


The genre of "horror films" is intended to plunge the viewer into a state of alarming uncertainty, to cause him a feeling of fear from the intense expectation of something unthinkably creepy.

Typical of the films of this direction of cinematography is a fear-generating plot with chilling twists of events. Ominous images coming to life on the screen, an oppressive atmosphere of utter hopelessness. What can I say, watching horror movies online is far from being for the faint of heart.

Nevertheless, this genre has been and remains one of the most popular among various age groups. The increased interest in this kind of films, to a large extent, is explained by the desire to shake things up, having received a decent rush of adrenaline.

Depending on the direction of the plot, horror films can belong to different subgenres:

slasher - with a brutal killer maniac chasing a group of teenagers;

about werewolves - with bloodthirsty monsters, replacing the human essence with a wolf;

about vampires - with immortal ghouls, ghouls and other bloodsuckers who invariably feel the need for human blood;

about zombies - with the dead who rose from the graves;

about cannibals - with cannibals who are not averse to feasting on human flesh;

comedies (black) - with comical characters and usually scary plots;

gothic - with all sorts of mystical manifestations of otherworldly forces.



Probably, few people would disagree that watching horror films in good quality, perching on a soft sofa and meeting a real maniac in a dark alley, are absolutely opposite things. Indeed, during the terrifying events taking place on the screen, nothing threatens the viewer's safety, which cannot be said about the second situation.

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